Apple’s Latest Move Means the Next iPhone Could Come With Wireless Charging

If ever a proof was needed that the next iPhone will have wireless-charging, then you have it now. As it stands, Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium, the foundation which sets the Qi charging standard used in most devices supporting wireless charging.

It joins more than 200 other members of the industry which make devices supporting the technology, including Samsung, HTC, Huawei and Microsoft.

Apple hasn’t given a particular reason behind joining the wireless standard, but it did say that it was “joining the Wireless Power Consortium to be able to participate and contribute ideas to the open, collaborative development of future wireless charging standards”.

Apple has previously been vary of wireless chargers owing to their speed. However, in recent times the technology has evolved quite remarkably with charging speeds matching most normal wired chargers. This year alone, more than 350 million devices supporting the feature were shipped, clearly showing an increasing market acceptability.

Apple has recently considered the possibility of long-distance wireless-charging, too, which sounds futuristic but is not too practical for most users, meaning the search for a mainstream standard is not too surprising.

The iPhone 8, if it does come with wireless charging at all, won’t be the first Apple device to use this option; the Watch has had this option for long even though it doesn’t use the Qi charging standard. Now that Apple has joined the mainstream group it is a sign that it is about to expand the option to its other, more popular devices as well.


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