Best Gaming Monitors Under Rs 20000 or $200

High-quality gaming monitors come with a steep price. Some can even go over $1000!

And surprisingly, a lot of people are willing to pay as much. Why?

Because graphically is important in any gameplay. It can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Satisfaction and frustration. After all, what good is a graphic video card, if your monitor can’t keep up with all those pixel-pushing improvements.

But, what if I told you, that you can buy a gaming monitor under $200?

That you can still get an edge over your opponents with a smooth, powerful graphic monitor while delivering an immersive gaming experience without denting your pocket.

Sounds crazy? But it is true!

We found 3 gaming monitors that can display the action without blurred images, tearing, flicker and other motion artifacts. They have all the specs you need – high picture quality, quick refresh rates, low input lag and slick response times. All these with a cheap price tag.

Acer H276HL BMID 27” LCD Monitor

Did you think big screen means big bucks? Acer doesn’t think so. Giving us a 27-inch IPS monitor that provides a solid gaming performance with accurate and vibrant colors for only $193.99 on Amazon.

Having a big screen means you can see the enemy at wide angles, which is a great advantage. Couple it with 1920×1080 full HD display, everything is so clear and vivid that it feels like the images are going to pop at you. So if you are into FPS games like Doom 4 or sports racing and other fast-action PC games, the H276HL monitor can keep up with the heavy and fast shifting imagery.

Also, Acer H276HL features  HDMI, DVI, and even the old-school VGA support. So connecting to your TV, PS4, Xbox 360  or any gaming console for a multi-monitor support is possible.  Moreover, the Acer monitor has a minimal bezel frame, (just an inch!) so if you are planning on setting up two or more monitors via Nvidia Surround, playing  Skyrim or Call of Duty is a total thrill and on a new different level.

However, it is not a good idea to place the Acer H276HL monitor near the windows or in any bright places as its glass screen reflects sunlight and can hurt your eye.

Asus VG245H FreeSync Monitor

It is a no surprise to see Asus on our list. Asus has been producing some of the best low-budget gaming monitors on the market today. And the Asus VG245H FreeSync 24” Monitor does not fall short in delivering premium features for only $187.03.

The Asus VG245H is packed with all the goodies we expect from a gaming display screen. It is highly responsive with incredibly low input tag. Its connectivity options include Xbox One and PS4. It even supports FreeSync Technology, giving you a tear-free gaming experience. However, the benefits of FreeSync only work if your game’s FPS is within its range. So make sure your favorite games fall in within range to avoid disappointments later on.

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Unlike the Acer H276HL, the Asus screen does not pick-up stray reflections. Meaning you can enjoy any fast-paced action game with a nice sharp image free of grain or other artifacts.

And, the best thing about this monitor is its stand. You can tilt, swivel and adjust the height of the stand without compromising the visual quality. This means you can settle into any position you prefer without having to worry about distorted images.

LG 25UM57 – The UltraWide 25” Monitor

With LG 25UM57, gaming just got real.

Its UltraWide monitor immerses you into a true-to-life color and brilliant clarity gaming experience. And if you are one of those who can’t sit still while playing, LG’s IPS screen looks the same from any angle. For only, $179.99, you get more than what you pay for.

To give the best possible gaming performance, LG minimizes input lag with the Dynamic Action Sync. Which lets you catch on every moment of your game in real time.

You will never have to worry about getting hit from an ambush or enemies hiding in the dark either thanks to its Black Stabilizer capability. It lets you have total visibility even in dark scenes. This means you can disarm any enemy waiting in the shadows common in first-person shooting games and spill the first blood.

Also, looking at the monitor over a long period of time can hurt our eyes. You will be surprised that LG even resolved that issue for us.

The LG 25UM57 has a new dimming technology that minimizes the flicker level in our monitor which strains our eyes.  Its flicker system is even certified by TUV for being an almost-zero flicker rate.

So to all DOTA lovers and die-hard gamers who spent days on their computer set, the LG LG 25UM57 is a must have.

Awesome. Right?

So whether you are a casual after-hour warrior or a hard core PC gamer, you can get the most out of your fast-action games with a cool gaming monitor at a totally low price.


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