iPhone 8 Will Have ‘Feature Bar’ Akin To MBP’s Touch Bar & $1000 Price Tag; Claims Ming-Chi Kuo’s Latest Report

iPhone 8

With a new day comes a new iPhone leak. It is well-known fact that both Samsung and iPhone will remove physical buttons from the front in their upcoming flagships this year. Now it looks like Apple is ready to move things to another level. If you think that extra space from home button’s removal on iPhone 8 will be left for screen estate you might be wrong.

Apple got some decent plans according to latest leak

The Apple iPhone 8 Will Also Feature A Touch Bar Like Feature Claims KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo

KGI securities have been very active lately, It is a famed analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo who making a lot of predictions. The rumors creators are creating as much hype as they can for iPhone 8.

 Today another report of iPhone 8 by Kuo appeared, and it is mentioned that Apple’s known to test its features on the device before launch. The iPod Pro 9.

7 inch tested the DCI-P3 is now latest MacBook Pro might serve a similar function.

Space freed up at the bottom of iPhone 8 due to the removal of the home button will be replaced by Function Area. It will consist of a set of always on, static system controls. In addition, Kuo also believes that fingerprint recognition, virtual or physical, will not make it on the iPhone 8.

In earlier reports Kuo claimed that Apple will introduce virtual fingerprint scanner for iPhone 8, now sources reported that device will feature advanced user detection capabilities with Facial/3D recognition along the line lines of Virtual Realities uses. Apple’s always been about user facilitation and one great thing about Touch ID is ‘tap & unlock’.

Kuo also speculates on the potential price tag for iPhone 8. It will be expensive folks, even by Apple’s standards. In fact, with an estimated price tag you can buy MacBook Pro by adding few hundred bucks in it. It will cost $1000 as reported and will be an expensive device to manufacture but the company will transfer the brunt of cost to end user.

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