Windows 10 will let you watch videos as you work & lock your PC when you’re away

Microsoft has released the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15031 which will let you do more at once with a ‘Compact Overlay’ window and automatically locks your PC when you are away with ‘Dynamic Lock’.

First announced in 2014, Windows Insider program was previously available for developers only. Now it allows licensed Windows 10 users to sign up for early builds of the operating system before the updates and features are officially released to everyone.

Compact Overlay

Compact Overlay or picture-in-picture feature will let users continue to do their work in the main window while they play a video or a TV show at the corner of the screen. This way they will have their eyes on both things at the same time.

Ever want to continue watching a movie while switching app to check your email? Or keep an eye on your video chat even as you’re browsing the web? We do all the time! Some tasks don’t require the user’s full attention but is perfect to leave at the corner of the screen so we’re introducing a new compact overlay mode for UWA app developers.”

Both windows will work normally. When an app window enters compact overlay mode, it’ll be shown above other windows so it won’t get blocked.

Built-in Movies and TV apps and Skype will support the compact overlay. This way you will be able to navigate through other apps while running Skype call or a movie in the corner of your screen.

Dynamic Lock

It will automatically lock your PC when your Bluetooth-paired phone is not in the proximity. As soon as your phone goes out of range, Windows will turn off the screen and locks the PC in 30 seconds.

To enable Dynamic Lock, make sure your phone is paired to your PC via Bluetooth and go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and toggle Dynamic lock to “on”.

In addition to these features, Windows Creator Update is also releasing a new share icon, improved Game bar with full-screen support and other bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft released a number of exciting features as a part of Windows Insider program for PCs and mobiles in January, such as Live Folders, new tabs management, blue light emission control, ebook store, Cortana features, free-up space setting, merged WiFi, new power slider and other improvements.


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